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Many  important things in my life were not planned, I stumbled into them by accident.....!  There was one movie that made a lasting imprint in my life, Francis Ford Coppola's "The Godfather".  I will make you an offer you can not refuse....he he he(lahat may kiliti waiting to be corrupted).
There is nothing impossible under the sun, "what your mind can conceive, the body can achieve..." Huwag ninyong gawing miserable ang buhay, always look at the brighter contented with what you have!!! Alisin ang INGGIT!!! Victory has a thousand fathers, defeat is an orphan...(I came into this world, saw what I wanted to see, and conquered what I cherished...)

     The key to enjoying life is to keep a balance, doing things that aren't related to work.  I would rather live my life short but "maxxed" out than long but sort of just tittering in the middle.
     Born July 11, cancer, and snake(the most powerful sign in the chinese calendar), I believe that life is like a box of choc' really is an experience, and I want it to be diverse.  I would rather mingle in the crowd than gravitate toward a clique. I hate people who believes importante and indispensable and invincible sila...he he he!!! (IN THEIR DREAMS)
     I am no longer in my teens, but I am still fit as a fiddle...briskly walking 9 kilometers daily , competing in almost all PPSA sanctioned shooting matches Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao (IPSC matches too abroad) and which has always been a part of my lifestyle.  I set time for exercise for one's mental, physical and emotional sanity.
     I feel happy and confident doing things that makes me feel the smell of gunpowder at the range....!  The scent surpasses even the most elitist of parfums and cologne...Versace, Gucci, Armani, Hugo Boss, Polo Sports, Issey Miyake, Hermenegildo Zegna...etc...ang usok ng pulbura really perks me up....Eau de Puta........!!!
Lahat lahat naman ng tao may kanya kanyang inclination di ba? Merong babaero...sugarol...lasenggo...Ako, iisa lamang ang aking tunay na hilig....HA HA HA!!! I do not drink, gamble, or womanize...kaya nga walang kaproble-problema sa akin asawa ko...tunay na ehemplo ako ng isang ULIRANG ASAWA!!! Mas gusto nga niya na wala ako dito sa just shows na good boy ako di ba? Isipin mo, laki ng tiwala niya sa akin at di na niya ako kailangan pang bantayan...kaya ba ninyo iyon? Batang Woodside New York po Manhattan ako nagsasabog ng lagim! I roam the streets of New York City daily...downtown, midtown, uptown...kabisado ko rin the Bronx, Brooklyn, Westchester County,Long Island and as far away as Binghamton, Syracuse, Albany in the north...and in most of New Jersey too...and Maryland, Virginia, North and South Carolina...Florida...and in the west coast California, Nevada, Colorado...and also Toronto, Montreal, and Quebec sa Canada...dami-dami...laboy kasi alam ko! Wag lang kayo tanong kung paano sumakay ng bus at tren o subway...di ako marunong mag commute(dahil di ako pede magtanong direksyon becoz no ingles po ako...he he he). Life is how we make it...un ang aking paniniwala. Lahat ng problema dumarating sa atin, tayo ang may gawa...walang iba!!! So tayo rin ang makaka-resolve would be good kung may good samaritan na tutulong...pero otherwise, pinasok mo...labasan mo. I don't care what other people think or say of me...I don't give a damn, coz nabuhay ako na di ka kasama sa paligid play no part in my world! I've got my own rules, and if you can't stand me...Keep OFF!!! Otherwise, mamili ka...TEFLON or COPPER JACKETED. Ako, I have no regrets with what my life has become...and if given the chance to relive my life and change...I would still choose the same...I have lived a very colorful life, so much beyond many things have transpired and showered upon me out of the ordinary...!!! I am so thankful to the LORD up above for everything...for my loving wife, my children, my health, all HIS blessings...despite my unworthiness, HE CARRIES ME THROUGH!!!! Special thanks to my ANGEL too!!!!




Please take a peek into my mischievous world...he he he!!!  Around here I am a very responsible person....anything that goes wrong I am responsible....Would you believe that the little boy in the pictures above grew up to be an ANGEL?

Philosopher, political wizard, wily with finances...the Snake is the deepest thinker and enigma of the Chinese cycle.  Endowed with an inborn wisdom, you are somewhat of a mystic.  Graceful and soft-spoken, you love good books, food, music, the theatre and will gravitate towards all the finer things in life.  The most POWERFUL and BEAUTIFUL people tend to be born under this sign.  Snakes generally rely on their own judgment and do not communicate well with others.  You trust your own intuition rather than outside advice and...more often than not...YOU WILL BE RIGHT.
Elegant in speech, dress and manners, you dont like indulging in useless small talk...You can be generous with money, but ruthless when you want to attain an important objective.  If you happen to have a slow or lazy way of speaking, this does not in any way reflect your speed of deduction or action.  It is just that you like to assess and formulate your views properly.
In your relationships, you tend to be possessive and very demanding, and yet at the same time you may well distrust associates.  When your anger is roused, the hatred can be limitless, and the antagonism silent and deep rooted.  An icy hostility express displeasure instead of a volley of hot words.  There is no foretelling the Snake's movements - their mind is calculation itself and they have the staying power to wait until the time is ripe for revenge.